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Free Art Friday


Since 2012 I have been leaving random bits of art in around my home town of Bristol as well as other place on my travels. The movement, known as Free Art Friday is a global phenomenon which was created by a UK artist called My Dog Sighs, who since 2005 has left artwork on the streets of his hometown and the UK for people to pick up and take home.


The Free Art Friday movement has expanded over the past few years with events taking place globally and art being swapped by people around the world. 


I have also taken part in Free Art Friday's globally such as Tel-Aviv - Israel, Belgrade - Serbia, Newcastle - Australia, Portugal, plus many in the USA such as Detroit, New Mexico, California, Tampa - Florida and South Orange County, by swapping area with international artists.

If you are lucky enough to find one of these pieces, please let me know if it's gone to a good home. I also sell extra detailed versions of these pictures, ready to be framed from £5 each and these are available from my online store.


I have also created a Free Art Friday - Bristol page which can be found on facebook and have started a small community of artists who regular drop artwork in Bristol and surrounding areas and exchange with other Free Art Friday's around the world


More free at events will be happening going forward, watch this space for news on locations where my artwork will be left. Also check my Blog for update information on art drops as they happen.


In November 2013 there was a special Free Art Friday around the Upfest Gallery to celebrate the launch of "My Dog Sighs" first solo show in Bristol, many Bristol artists got involved as well as My Dog Sighs dropping artwork around the area in the week leading up to the exhibition.


See below for a gallery of the work, left in various locations. Happy hunting!

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